Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 10, 2014

Numero 13

Hola a todo. Como estan?
This has been such a crazy day for me. Last night at about 11:30 we got a call from the AP's and we found out that Elder Jacobsen was getting transfered on an emergency change. So we stayed up all night packing and had to go to Managua at 6 in the morning to get our new comps.

I am pretty sad that I had to say bye to Elder Jacobsen. I have a new companion and his name is Elder Bickmore, he has about 10 months in the mission, and thats about all I know about him. He seems like I cool guy though.
Anyways, this week was another good week. We found a super cool family that we are teaching and found some other cool people to teach. We are working hard here to help these people here.
There wasnt anything super crazy this week or anything out of the ordinary. So this week I dont really have that much stuff to write about. The craziest thing that happened was I got a new comp and now I have to teach this dude about our area and show him all of our members and all of our investigators. I am a little nervous for that because I have only been here for like two months and I am not super comfortable with my area yet. But I think I will be fine.
One thing I learned this week is that being missionaries we can talk to anyone. We found a guy this week who we would never have even thought to talk to, but because we were looking for someone else we asked him for some help and turns out he has been super curious about of church and had wanted to read the Book of Mormon. He came to church this week and participated and everything. It is pretty cool to see that some people are just ready to hear this message of the gospel. I hope he continues to progress, I will keep you guys updated on him.
Soccer Fields
Like I said this week there isnt much. So sorry if this email is super boring for you guys. Hopefully I will have a better one next week!
I hope everyone has a great week and know that I love all of you guys!
Until next week
Les amo
Elder Sherle

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