Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 25, 2015

Numero 40 Puerto Cabezas

What a crazy week I have had here everyone. Probably the craziest week of my entire mission.
I hope I can get all my thoughts down, i will just hit the big points and skip all the other details for today.
Thursday, Elder Duncan came down and spoke with us on Thursday. That dude is a cool guy. He talked to us about the work of the Lord here in Central America and how we are doing in the mission with accelerating the mission. He is the leader of all the central american missions so it was pretty cool to listen to him and be able to get some of his direction to help the people of Nicaragua.
Because of that meeting we didnt get home until super late on Thursday and we had our wedding set up on Friday at 1. So we wake up and go talk to the attorney and he had left to Managua and all the papers werent ready. So Lainez and I just bounced out of the house and started to get all the problems worked out. After 5 hours of working with their papers and the attorney and everything we finished at 12:30 and got everything ready for their wedding. At 2, we had their wedding. It was a cool wedding, it was Jose's and Maria's wedding. I will send you guys pictures of all the decorations and everything that we did. That was my 5th wedding that I have had here on my mission and I feel like it was the best one I have had. I am getting better at this whole wedding thing I guess! Practice makes perfect!

At 4, we left to the waterfall and did their baptism. What a cool baptism that was. There is nothing better than seeing a full family in all white. They are such a special family for me, I love them so much. Pedro, the son, was telling me how in 3 years when he finishes school he is going to go on a mission. So cool. I think that family will be big leaders in the church. They are so humble and such a sweet family.

Saturday, I get a call from the mission office and they tell me my changes. Yes, I got changed. I am now in a place called PUERTO CABEZAS!!! Just to let all of you guys know, i am on the other side of Nicaragua now, right on the coast. I took a tiny little plane here and got here about an hour ago. This area is the area that everyone in the mission wants to be in. I could only bring 30 pounds of my luggage, just the necassary things. Now, I am completely separted from the mission. Not even President comes over here very often, about 3 times a year he comes over here. From what I have seen so far, this place is like Jamaica or something. Its super different, its way more tropical and oceany. I havent got to go to the beach yet but they told me we are going to have a zone bonfire on the beach tomorrow night! I am so pumped to be here. There is a dialect here call Mesquito and I am going to have to learn a little bit of it while Im here. I have the chance now to learn a third language! Pretty sick.This place is straight jungle though. I thought Ocotal was crazy but this place is so much more tropical and jungly. Its sick. The missionaries say that here in Puerto Cabezas it is a completely different world from what i have seen. My comps name is Elder Choque, he came with me from the MTC. We were in the same district together back in Mexico. We are giong to have a good time.
One thing is I am sad to leave all my converts in Ocotal. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to them. I honestly didnt want to leave them. Its the hardest thing baptising them and not being able to see them keep growing spiritually. I love them so much, it was hard. I definitely hope I get to see them again before I leave.
It has been a pretty crazy week. I am tired. Its super humid here but I am excited to be here.
Last but not least, just want to give a quick birthday shoutout to my mama jamma! I love ya mama jamma i hope you have a great day!!! I LOVE YOU!!
Ill talk to you all next week!
Elder Sherle

Numero 39

Hey fam! Another good week this week!
This week wasnt as busy as the last week but we still had some cool things happen.
We went to our recent converts house for their birthdays this week and brought them a cake and everything. This family is one of my favorite families in Nicaragua. They are so sweet and the mom treats us missionaries like her kids. They had a little party in their house and they had some pretty nice latino music going on so you already know I had to show them how us white people break it down hahaha. They were all laughing at me because I dance so much different than all of them and im white.
Another funny thing that happened is whenever we are at emilio's and corina's house visiting them there is always this little girl who stands by the door and stares at me and I finaly asked Corina why she comes over ever time we are over and she told me it was because she likes looking at me eyes. So she comes over and just stares at my eyes the whole time without saying anything to me so I finally introduced myself to this little girl and let her come up real close to get a nice look at my eyes hahah I think it is so funny how crazy it seems to some people that I have different colored eyes than everyone else. She told me she wants kids that have eyes like mine....what a sweet girl haha.
Our family, Jose and Maria, came to church this week. They are all set and ready to go for this weekend. We are going to buy a bunch of balloons and a cake and stuff for their wedding and then we are going up to the waterfall and we are going to do their baptism there. This week has a chance to be a really special week here in Ocotal because all 6 of the missionaries might baptise here. In all, there are about 10 people that could be baptised this weekend. I am super excited to be apart of it.
I am so excited for Jose and Maria, i wish you all could meet them. They are the coolest family. They are so humble and so willing to follow the Lord.
There wasnt a ton of other things that happened this week. This is the last week of the change and so I have a chance to get changed on Monday. I dont want to leave Ocotal. It is such a beautiful place here and I have made some many friends here. It is pretty cool when we just walk down the street and almost every street there is someone that says whats up to us. And if they change me, I am going to die of the heat because I have been up north my whole mission so I am scared about that haha
Thats all I got for you guys this week. I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Sherle

Monday, May 11, 2015

Número 38 Ocotal

Hola familia!
Wow, this week was one of the coolest weeks of my mission, so many things happened. 
First, I hit 9 months this last week in my mission. I am only 3 months from my year mark and then it is just downhill from there. Time is flying by. It seems like a couple months ago I was just starting my time with Elder Jacobsen back in Esteli not being able to speak spanish.
This week we went to Managua to have interviews with President. I got to chill with Elder Jacobsen and catch up with him in Managua. I dont really like going down to Managua because we have to sit on a bus for like 5 hours just to get down there and then we have to come back up to Ocotal another 5 hours and we lose a ton of time in our area. 
Speaking of Elder Jacobsen, he came up here to Ocotal for a day and we got to work together for a day which was pretty cool to see how far we have come and how good our spanish has gotten. I think right now him and I would work super good together now that we can speak pretty good. He kept telling me how impressed he was with my spanish. 

On friday, we had a wedding in the church with Emilio and Corina. It was a small wedding, only about 10 people there, but they were super happy and excited that they got married. It is such cool feeling seeing other people smile and be happy. I love it. The next day on Saturday we had their baptism. It was such a beautiful baptism. Corina doesnt have a leg so we had to do it on the stairs of the pool because she couldnt hold herself up with one leg. It was such a testimony builder seeing her sacrifice just to be baptised. It was such a cool day. I love baptising a mom and dad. They are awesome, I love them so much.

About 4 hours after the baptism, I got to talk to my family. What a great day right?? Baptism and then talk to the fam for a little bit. It was so good to talk and be able to tell some stories. I miss you fam so much. Thank you for talking with me on Saturday :)
On sunday, we confirmed Emilio and Corina and in priestood class I gave the priesthood to my recent convert that we baptised in March, Eusevio. He has progressed so much too and is now understanding the gospel. It was pretty cool. That was the first time I had given the priestood to someone.
All in all, a great week. So much joy and happiness. I love making happy and seeing them be blessed by the Lord in their lives. 
I hope everyone has a good week!
Shoutout to all them moms out there, thank you for all you do.
Les amo
Elder Sherle

Número 37.5 - Mother's Day Skype call

We had a great Skype call with john. He shared quite a few precious experiences. It was good to see him and know he is happy and working really hard. He is exhausted from the work and he loves it. 

Buzz TOFFELMIER was able to come by and chat with John as well. John was sooo surprised to see Buzz. They instantly began speaking Spanish to each other. We gave them some time to catch up. Thank you Buzz!!!  We hope at Christmas to have on or two of his close friends come chat with him if they are home from college. 

We miss this kid more than words can express but I couldn't be happier or more proud of him for his service to our Heavenly Father and the blessings he (and all of us) is receiving. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Numero 37 ~ Octal

Hey fam! This week went by super fast, thats always a good thing.
The rain hit us this week! When it rains here, it rains. It has been awhile since i have seen the streets turn into rivers. It was nice though because the rain made it so it wasnt so hot. The few days before the rain came i thought i was going to die becasue it was so hot. I sweat and they i hop in the shower and then get out and start sweating again. Its crazy.
Today was a cool pday because we were in Honduras. we went to the border and took pics on the welcome to honduras sign. It was pretty cool. I have now technically been in nicaragua and honduras in my mission. Only our area in Ocotal can go to the border. Ill send some pics.
The work was pretty good this week. Our investigadors are good and we are teaching a lot of people. We are just gonna keep working hard and talking to as many people as we can. Jose and Maria wanted to get married and baptised on the 30th of may this month but then we told them that one of us is going to be gone on the 25th because of changes, so they changed their date and now they are going to get baptised on the 23rd of may. Emilio and Corina have their date to be baptised this weekend on the 9th. We are praying for them that they will get baptised this weekend, we are super excited for them.
I have this thing on my leg that itches me super bad and is super red and this week I found out its called "ring worm", dont worry its not really a worm but it is from sweating a lot and so i have some medicine and stuff to help it go away. Another kid in our zone got lice this week too, so we are all staying away from him haha.
This week is going to be a good week. I hit 9 months in the mission this week and this weekend is mother's day so i will be able to talk to the family. After this call, i will only have two calls left in my mission! Time is flying by!! I am excited to see them. Just a quick shoutout to all the moms out there, thank you so much for all you do! Without my mom, i would never be the man i am today. I am so grateful for my mom and all she does for me even when we are so far away. I hope everyone makes their mom feel extra special this week and gives all their love to them! MAMA JAMMA I LOVE YOU!
Love you guys, hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Sherle