Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 25, 2015

Numero 39

Hey fam! Another good week this week!
This week wasnt as busy as the last week but we still had some cool things happen.
We went to our recent converts house for their birthdays this week and brought them a cake and everything. This family is one of my favorite families in Nicaragua. They are so sweet and the mom treats us missionaries like her kids. They had a little party in their house and they had some pretty nice latino music going on so you already know I had to show them how us white people break it down hahaha. They were all laughing at me because I dance so much different than all of them and im white.
Another funny thing that happened is whenever we are at emilio's and corina's house visiting them there is always this little girl who stands by the door and stares at me and I finaly asked Corina why she comes over ever time we are over and she told me it was because she likes looking at me eyes. So she comes over and just stares at my eyes the whole time without saying anything to me so I finally introduced myself to this little girl and let her come up real close to get a nice look at my eyes hahah I think it is so funny how crazy it seems to some people that I have different colored eyes than everyone else. She told me she wants kids that have eyes like mine....what a sweet girl haha.
Our family, Jose and Maria, came to church this week. They are all set and ready to go for this weekend. We are going to buy a bunch of balloons and a cake and stuff for their wedding and then we are going up to the waterfall and we are going to do their baptism there. This week has a chance to be a really special week here in Ocotal because all 6 of the missionaries might baptise here. In all, there are about 10 people that could be baptised this weekend. I am super excited to be apart of it.
I am so excited for Jose and Maria, i wish you all could meet them. They are the coolest family. They are so humble and so willing to follow the Lord.
There wasnt a ton of other things that happened this week. This is the last week of the change and so I have a chance to get changed on Monday. I dont want to leave Ocotal. It is such a beautiful place here and I have made some many friends here. It is pretty cool when we just walk down the street and almost every street there is someone that says whats up to us. And if they change me, I am going to die of the heat because I have been up north my whole mission so I am scared about that haha
Thats all I got for you guys this week. I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Sherle

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