Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 11, 2015

Número 38 Ocotal

Hola familia!
Wow, this week was one of the coolest weeks of my mission, so many things happened. 
First, I hit 9 months this last week in my mission. I am only 3 months from my year mark and then it is just downhill from there. Time is flying by. It seems like a couple months ago I was just starting my time with Elder Jacobsen back in Esteli not being able to speak spanish.
This week we went to Managua to have interviews with President. I got to chill with Elder Jacobsen and catch up with him in Managua. I dont really like going down to Managua because we have to sit on a bus for like 5 hours just to get down there and then we have to come back up to Ocotal another 5 hours and we lose a ton of time in our area. 
Speaking of Elder Jacobsen, he came up here to Ocotal for a day and we got to work together for a day which was pretty cool to see how far we have come and how good our spanish has gotten. I think right now him and I would work super good together now that we can speak pretty good. He kept telling me how impressed he was with my spanish. 

On friday, we had a wedding in the church with Emilio and Corina. It was a small wedding, only about 10 people there, but they were super happy and excited that they got married. It is such cool feeling seeing other people smile and be happy. I love it. The next day on Saturday we had their baptism. It was such a beautiful baptism. Corina doesnt have a leg so we had to do it on the stairs of the pool because she couldnt hold herself up with one leg. It was such a testimony builder seeing her sacrifice just to be baptised. It was such a cool day. I love baptising a mom and dad. They are awesome, I love them so much.

About 4 hours after the baptism, I got to talk to my family. What a great day right?? Baptism and then talk to the fam for a little bit. It was so good to talk and be able to tell some stories. I miss you fam so much. Thank you for talking with me on Saturday :)
On sunday, we confirmed Emilio and Corina and in priestood class I gave the priesthood to my recent convert that we baptised in March, Eusevio. He has progressed so much too and is now understanding the gospel. It was pretty cool. That was the first time I had given the priestood to someone.
All in all, a great week. So much joy and happiness. I love making happy and seeing them be blessed by the Lord in their lives. 
I hope everyone has a good week!
Shoutout to all them moms out there, thank you for all you do.
Les amo
Elder Sherle

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