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Called to Serve

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Numero 77 ~ Meeting in Managua

Hey fam! This week was a super busy and a bunch of stuff happened. 
On tuesday we had a meeting with the stake president and all the bishops and the missonaries of our stake. The stake president talked about missionary work and how we are not doing the work the way the lord wants us. He talked about how the members are working hard and the missionaries too but we are not working together. We put some plans to be able to work together as missionaries and members. That is something that we need to work on in our area. I am really not used to having strong members in my area and am not accostomed to working with them so much but we have some good ideas to work with them. 
On Wednesday I had a leadership meeting in Managua. I got to see all my friends. It was so awesome!! It was so long since I had seen them. Elder Ward, Elder Lainez, Elder Maughan, all of them. It was cool. The meeting was so cool! I love being around Pres Collado because he just teaches you so many things. I love learning new things and finding new scriptures. We got to see the 4 year mission plan. There are some big things that are going to happen here in the next few years. I am already so excited to be able to come back in some years and see how strong the church will be here. Sister Collado talked to us about how we are the ones that are building the seeds and that we are a huge part of this work. We will be able to see the fruits of our labors not only now but when we come back too. 
Thursday we did special changes with the other zone here in Chinandega. All the leadership positions changed and I was a zl for a day haha. Its way easier being a zl than a dl because i didnt have to do any numbers in the night. I stayed in my area and worked with Elder Nelson from my mtc group. We put in some work and found some cool people. It was a good day to see him and be able to work with him. The last time we had worked together was in Ocotal. He told me about how all of the people are over there in Ocotal. 
Friday was like the first day I had with my comp in the area. We had saturday together too. We are working hard and trying our best to find success. We might be baptizing this week. His name is Jorge. He is a older man and has been going to church and everything so we will see if he is willing to do it this week. 
I love you all and hope you are all doing good! Shout out to Nate for his birthday! Love ya boi! Oh and Happy Valentines day to you all! I got to spend it with my companion hahahahah

Elder Sherle

John sent some photos from Puerto this week~

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