Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Numero 81 ~ Left with a smile on my face

Hey fam! Well this week went by super fast! We were really busy this week. 
Here is a little update on the things down here. 
First off, it is getting soooo hot down here. The sun feels like it is right on your face. It is the hotter season in Nicaragua right now. I am drinking a lot of gatorade to stay hydrated and all that stuff. I constantly have to be wiping my face because of the sweat it is so hot haha. 
This week we had to do a ton of stuff for the district. A lot of the elders and sisters in my district needed things from me this week like interviews and getting to know investigadors and blessings and all that stuff so we lost a lot of time in the area this week which i do not like. But it does feel good helping other missionaries in my district. We hope to have a little more time in the area this week. 
On Friday we had a baptism. Her name is Alison. She was a reference from the young women and she is really cool. Her baptismal service was awesome because a ton of people went and it was well prepared. That is the best part about being in a ward. We had one of her best friends baptize her. It was his first baptism ever and he did really well. 
This week we have two people that can be baptized this week. One is a little more positive than the other but i have the faith that they will both do it. They both went to church this week and seem excited for their baptism. We are going to go with the members this week to get them all ready for that step. As well as the baptismal side of things, we have been finding some cool families that we are now teaching. I have found that just talking with everyone in everything we do really helps to find. If we keep our mouths shut the people will never have the opportunity to share their opinion or to show that they want to learn more. 
One cool thing that happened is we went to a less active house and we were sharing a scripture with the mom. There were other members there and it was really spiritual. We asked her to do the prayer and we all nealed down in a circle and she offered the prayer. I could feel the spirit really strong in that prayer and as she was praying she started to cry and really opened her heart up to the lord. It was a cool little experience to me because I know that the Lord touched her heart in that prayer and helped her feel his love. I left with a smile on my face because I know that she had received and answer from the lord. The spirit is very powerful and can really change lives. 
Hm --- rockin' those red shoes with the red tie! :) 
Well, thats about it for this week. I love you all. I hope you are all doing good. I miss you guys! Be good and be safe! Until next week!
Elder Sherle

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