Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Numero 1

Hola mi familia y mi amigos!! Como estan??
Wow, what a long week! All the missionaries here told me it would be the longest week of my life, and i have definitely felt that. It feels like it was so long ago when I left. But, Im doing great, I am actually having fun here and it is so beautiful here. Its pretty funny how we can only drink bottled water because the tap water is disgusting!
I love seeing your guys' little notes in my clothes when I wake up, it starts my day off well, and I want to tell you guys I definitely took advantage of your company. Getting on that plane felt, I felt like my heart was being torn out of my chest. I have never felt that feeling before. I never thought I would get homesick but on Sunday I was really feeling it, but I read some of dads quotes in my journal and my dad got so much better. I love you guys so much!
It is literally spanish, study, spanish, study, eat, then do it again and again. But right now, I am starting to make the transfer from thinking in English to Espanol. I am able to pray in Spanish now which is pretty cool. The reason this week felt so long is because none of my my teachers or workers here speak English. I literally had no idea what mi maestro was saying until like the 3rd day. haha it was bad, then she finally spoke a little bit of english to me to help our class out. It is actually really funny hearing all the mexicans try and speak english because it is so broken and they dont use any grammar. Raims it going to like this one, everyday we about an hour to workout, and I have been playing futbol with the natives! Some of them are pretty beasty, but I hold my own. I got a hat trick yesterday, but I was playing against a bunch of scrubs! But I can finally understand a little bit of what they're saying now. My testimony has grown so much since I've been here. Even when I read el libro de Mormon en espanol I can feel the spirit. It's pretty crazy!
Oh I definitely have to tell you guys about the food hahaha. It is all mexican food here and they make so really weird things! Sometimes I just close my eyes and pick a plate and just pray that it is good. Yesterday I was literally so happy, I walked into dinner and I saw on the board it said Pizza. I was so happy to finally get some american food. I never thought having a couple pieces of pizza would make my day. So count your blessing everyone. The waking up a 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30 is going to take some getting used to. I have never seen the sunrise and the sunset in so many consecutive days. Thats why when I get done with these e-mails I'm going to take me a nice nap.
We have an investigator right now named Jorge and we've been working with him and teaching him lessons. It's pretty funny because mi companero and I dont speak spanish very well and we will ask him a question and he will just roll off for about 5 minutes in spanish and all we do is nod our heads and say "Si, Si". I takes me about 2 hours just to write out my lesson in spanish because of the conjugations and all the fun stuff. But it's pretty cool getting that real life practice. We got lucky and all the Nicaragua guys got big rooms so I share a room with 3 other guys and I really like them! My companion is so weird and so funny but super cool at the same time! We got pretty annoyed with each other once because he said I have "dry humor" hahaha I guess the boys and I have the dry humor because I treat these guys the same way I treat the boys back home. But he's a cool kid and we got along good. We work off each other well and really bring the spirit when we hold our discussions. I was pretty scared that I was going to get an annoying companion who was all strict but I am glad these guys know how to have fun. We have only heard gun shots a few times since I have been here so thats good. They say right up on the hill are a ton of mafia gangs so I think I am gonna go up there with my book of mormon and see what they have to say about it. Probably not though, we arent allowed to leave because they said it is too dangerous outside. It is almost like a prison, there is a huge wall that separates the MTC and the outside world, but the MTC here is 90 acres so theres room.

I want to end on this. I really had to rely on the word HOPE this week. I kept singing the song Hope by faith evans and twista, it is the jam and one of my roommates knows it too so we flex the golden pipes to that song. Anyways, It is really easy to get down on yourself here because the whole process of being on our own and being a grown up. It can just wear on you. So I just want to tell you all if there are any trials in your life, be hopeful. I got through this week and I am happy. So be hopeful and smile because a positive attitude is the first step to make things better. I love you all so much and I think about you guys all the time. I am already looking forward to writing you guys next week. I hope everyone back home has a great week! Much love
Elder Sherle
These are the guys in my room, the one on the left is my companion


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