Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Numero 3

Hola mi familia y mi amigos!
 How is everyone? Every Wednesday morning we wake up and tell each other Merry Christmas because we are so happy to e-mail home!

There isnt much to really write here because we have the same schedule almost every day. I just am studying and learning the language all day. My spanish is getting so much better. As companions, we have to teach our teachers lessons in spanish and both my morning and night teacher told me that my spanish is "Muy Bien". So I am getting a little bit more confidence in the language, but I still have a lot to learn! Our casa almost flooded the other night because it rains so hard here. The streets were all flooded with about 6 inches of water, it was pretty cool! El poder de Dios (The power of God).
I get to play basketball and a little bit of soccer every day. When the basketball isn't very good, I'll go play with the natives in soccer. It is so fun to play with them because their ball skills are so good! Also, I gave my first talk in Spanish on Sunday. I was pretty nervous to speak but everyone said I did a good job and that they could understand me. There is one thing that I have really learned this week. I have learned that here on the mission you have all sorts of different people and different personalities. We all have the same goals and desires, but we are different. And there are some people here that really just grind my gears. I have had to learn to just look at the positive in some people and focus on the good and not the bad. I don't really know what else to write. It's not too exciting here. I am so ready to get out in the field. I am getting so antsy to leave! But I still have a little under three weeks left!
I hope everyone is doing great and is having a great week!
Much love
Elder Sherle
Missionary Selfie at the Mexico Temple

Mexico Temple

Selfie while at the computer today

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