Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 29, 2014

Numero 7 (i think)

This week was just as crazy as the last week, I am still trying to get used to all this culture stuff here! For example, it is rainy season right now and when it rains here, it is like a hurricane. So we get absolutely drenched and the roads turn into rivers, it is so cool! We had to go back to the house one day for like 15 mins just because we literally couldnt walk anywhere because every road was flooded! Oh and the power and water goes out a lot. So everyone at home is doing the "ice bucket challenge" or whatever and I am doing that because that is the only way I can shower some nights! So be grateful hahaa.
I still haven't gotten used to my companion and I being the only white guys everywhere we go. It is so funny some of the looks we get when people see us. The culture here is just so different. Everyone here don't really have cars, so they either take taxis or have motorcycles, and also there are a ton of wondering dogs everywhere. So we were walking down the street and this motorcycle just wrecks this dog. Runs over it and doesnt even stop, just kept driving. I was so sad for that poor dog in the road, I couldnt believe the dude on the motorcycle did that. The craziest part is that it didn't even phase my companion. No reaction from him, he had to explain to me that dogs get hit all the sad.
The food here is hit and miss. Sometimes it is super bomb and the other times it is just the good ole beans and rice. I like it, but my stomach is not used to it yet hahaha. We only get fed lunch here too so I usually just eat cereal for breakfast and microwave 2 hot dogs every night for dinner when we get home. So I am already getting pretty skinny. But I love this place.
The work-Everyone was right when they said this would be the hardest thing I would ever do, but it feels so good to be completely exhausted when I get home. We have a marriage and a baptism set up on October 11, so I am pumped for that, and hopefully a baptism this saturday! The language is coming along. I get frustrated with it a lot but I have already gotten so much better since I have been here. The people here are so nice, which is a good thing and bad thing for us, because everyone will let us talk to them and share messages with them but they are always to nice to tell us no or tell us they dont want to have us anymore. So we have to sift through our investigators and find which ones really want to hear our message and which ones just want us there to talk to. A good and bad problem!
I love you all and thank you all for writing me. I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Sherle

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