Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Número 8 - Esteli

Hola familia y amigos. ¿Como estan? 
Another good week here in Esteli. We were super busy this week which is always a good thing. We did some service this week for a member where we spent about 2 and  a half hours moving dirt and rocks because everyone here is connecting their water to the black water that is underground so they can have a bathroom with running water. So we helped her out with moving all the dirt and rocks. I was sore for about 4 days after because we had to use some wood tools and most of everyone else on the street just kind of watched us. I love doing service for people here because a lot of people here think that we think we are better than them. They think that because we are american and we wear ties that we are above everyone here, so it is nice for the people here to see that we are actually normal and are here to help.


Like I have said before, our area is pretty dangerous. A couple nights ago about 15 mins after we got in the house there was this huge gang fight right in front of our house! There was about 15 guys on each side and they were all throwing rocks at each other and fighting. A bunch of them had macheties and were sparking them on the ground running after people, it was so crazy to watch! Then the fight ended and there was a couple guys that were just pelting our house with rocks for a little bit, not going to lie I was kind of scared haha, but I am good. It still is funny just how much people tell us how dangerous it is for us each day. 
We have a marriage this week and a baptism. The future husband is a member and the wife is not. So we are going to marry them and then baptise the future wife about an hour after the wedding. They have no money so we are providing pretty much everything for them, but it is pretty cool that we will get our first baptism this weekend! I am so excited for that! I hope I don't jinx it by telling you guys! We have a couple really cool investigators ready to be baptised in the next couple weeks so hopefully these next few weekends with be busy with baptism. One of our investigators we were about to drop finally is starting to come around. I felt truly happy once he told us he wants to know more and wants to follow the path of the Lord. 

General Conference was in Spanish of course, but we got lucky and some guy from the church hooked up a tv and we got to watch in English. Not going to lie, I had never watched every session of conference before, but I wish I had. My favorite speaker is definitely Elder Holland, he speaks with so much power I can always feel the spirit so strong. We had 500 people show up from all of Esteli, which was a record breaker. We had 70 people show up from our area which is also a record breaker. It was a lot better turn out than what we get at church. We usually get around 30-40 people at church. 

Well, I am working hard here and getting better and better everyday with this language. This is some tiring work, but it feels good to be out here! I love this place!
I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Sherle



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