Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 26, 2015

Número 23 Sebaco

Hola a todo!
This week has been crazy!! I went to Managua and picked up my baby boy. His name is Elder Lainez and he is from Honduras. He actually speaks pretty good english which is cool because he helps me a lot. I definitely like having a latin comp, it makes things a lot easier. He is super cool though we get along well. We got to Sebaco on wednesday and found our new house. Our house was absolutely discusting. There were lizards, cochroaches, spiders, and mice all over. It was so gross. There wasnt even a toilet seat!! It has definitely been a change from my house in Rosario. All the shower is a pipe that comes out of the wall, its rough. The first nights we didnt have anything except our beds. Now we have a fridge and desks and we are still waiting for a closet, stove, mirrors, and some other stuff. I hope they come soon because we are just living out of our suitcases right now. We had to spend like 3 hours cleaning the house up to make it somewhat decent. We had to spend a bunch of money to buy a bunch of cleaning supplies so now I am broke haha and we dont get moneyuntil next monday, but I am pretty used to not eating very much now.

 The area here is huge, one thing cool about it is there are monkeys here!! On the way to our lunch appointment there is a monkey and I give him a banana every day haha he is a cool monkey, I will take a pic of him this week. We have definitely done a lot of walking this week just trying to be able to get to know the area. It has been a lot harder than I thought training and opening an area. But now I know where the members are and the names of the different neighborhoods and what now, so this week should be a lot better than last week. The branch here is a little rough. The church is just a house here and there are about 50 members that show up to church. Out of the 50 members there are only 4 priesthood holders. The ward is literally all chicks and kids, there are no men here. I think that is why we got send here because this ward needs more familias with men in the church. There have been only sister missionaries here for about a year. So all the members were excited to see us here, not saying that sister missonaries dont work, i just think we do it better :) It is a little bit hotter here than Esteli and Sebaco has a little bit more money than Rosario. I think there were 3 cars that showed up to church on sunday and that is something you dont see here very much in Nicaragua. We are now settled in here in Sebaco for the most part. It has definitely been a big change here, but I am doing good and am excited to start this week up now that I know the area a little bit. 
No matter where I am I know that God is with me and I know that he is helping me to be able to find the people that want to listen to our message here in Sebaco. All Im going to do is work hard to find them and I know God with bless us here is this little town.
I hope everyone has a great week! Talk to you guys later!
Elder Sherle

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