Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 2, 2015

Numero 24 - Sebaco

Whats up everyone!
A much better week here in Sebaco! I finally know the area and can get around pretty well. Not a ton that happened this week, but I will try to remember a couple things.

Sunday was a good day for us. We had our first family investigators come to church. There names are Douglas and Nedy. They are family of a super strong member family in our branch. They seemed to like the church a lot. They are super positive so we will see what happens. I was just happy that we had some investigators in the church this week. Church is weird here. Its like Rosario, but different. There are no men at the church. We had like 52 people at church and I think there were 8 guys in church. That part is just so weird for me still.
One thing I have learned here in the mission is how to live without money. I always run out of money here. So i havent had money for since I got here to Sebaco because I had to spend all of it to clean the house. So I hadnt been able to eat dinner in awhile. We dont have a stove or anything in the house so we asked the neighbors if they could heat us some water for us to be able to make ¨cup of noodle¨. haha i felt so weird asking but they did it for us no problem. The cool thing is for this past week, they have just showed up at our door with dinner. They have sat and talked with us while we eat almost every night. We didnt ask them or anything, the dad of the family just brings us stuff. It's pretty cool. Like I have said before, the people here are just so nice and giving and so chill about everything. I dont think very many people in the states would just bring over dinner to two random people every night. The dude loves my nerf hoop I have in the house too so he likes to come over and shoot around a little bit, he is awful though haha. Basketball is not a sport for Nicas.
We have still had to walk a lot this week and we have had days when all the meetings have fallen. It gets pretty hard sometimes when we are on our feet for so long, and it can be easy to just give up. I am so glad I have been able to develop habits of pushing through times that are so easy to take the easy route. It has made it a lot easier here to just keep going and keep pushing even when we arent having the success that we want. I know if we keep working hard we will see miracles here in Sebaco.
Not a ton this week. Just know that I am doing good here and I am working hard. The baby boy is good too. It is so nice having a latin comp, he is helping me learn songs in spanish right now haha
I love you all so much. Thank you all for your support. I'll catch ya'll next week!
Nos vemos
Elder Sherle

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