Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 23, 2015

Número 27

Whats up everyone!
It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing. This week has gone by super fast. 
Well things have gotten better here in Sebaco. We had a lot better week and were able to talk to a lot more people. We got to teach a lot more and find some new people. That is probably why the week went by so fast. We found a super cool family this week and I think it was just meant to be because the dad has pure red hair!! Everyone here calls him "rubio" haha. I think that is a sign that we were meant to find eachother. You just dont find a guy here with red hair...I guess we will see what happens with them. 
We had interviews with Pres this week in Esteli. The whole zone got together to do a bunch of stuff with Pres. I had a personal interview with him and he gave me some good advice and helped me not be so stressed out. I also got to see Elder Jacobsen too. He came up with Pres. It was good to see him, we got to catch up and talk for a little bit. It is crazy that he is pushing up on a year in the mission and it feels like it was just yesterday that he had 3 months, crazy.
This week the comp and I were walking to a meeting and some random kids wanted to play with us in some soccer so we grabbed 4 rocks and set up our "goals" in the street and played 2 on 5 for like 15 mins. These kids werent bad but werent great so I hung with them. My comp is pretty good and he got mad at me a few times because I am just dont understand the soccer ways yet haha. It was something so small but after we played I just felt so relaxed. It was only 15 mins of playing but it was so nice to just get everything off my mind and play around for a little bit. Just like in Rosario, a bunch of people just stare at me whenever I do anything like that because i am white. We had a little crowd of people watching us haha it was funny.
One thing I realized this week is this mission is a lot different than others. I realized that right now we are here to establish the church. Our job here is to actually establish the church, not just baptise. For just about every other mission the church is already established. There are actual churches, there are a lot of members, and the church is strong. Here in Nicaragua, the church still isnt established. The members arent strong and church seems to be fairly new here. Its pretty crazy to think we are here to actually establish the church. Just a cool thought I had this week. 

This is their meeting place for church. The church logo is on the building
My Spanish isn't very good but it looks like they serve cocktails next door - hahahaha

Well thats all I got this week. I am doing good here. I am relying on the Lord to help me find those people that want to grow closer to our heavenly father. I know the Lord will bless me, I just need to keep putting in my part.
I love you all!
Elder Sherle

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