Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Numero 28 ~ Ocotal

hey guys i got changed to a place called ocotal. its like right on the border of honduras. this place is wayyy different than the others. Oh and i am opening up another area here so we will see what happens. today has been crazy, we have had to find a house, move everything from sebaco to here, get to know the area a little bit and we have like no time to write. i will write a big letter next week!

Craig: Johnnyboy! You are like 4 hours from Managua. Are you still on?

John: ya they shut down sebaco. that place is just not ready for missionaries still. ya we are like 5 hours from managua. its soooo far away haha. This place is cool though. i am really excited to be here. just a little info.....there isnt a font here so they baptise in either a waterfall or a river....its one of the last places in the mission that still does that! I am pumped for that!
Craig: Did you get our package? How's your boy? Are you still training him?
John: ya im still with lainez. and there are 6 elders here now. we are opening up this area. we are the first ones to be in this area ever. crazy.
no i havent gotten the package. i hpoe to get it htis week!

Craig: I really hope you get it for your birthday. Use your money if you run out of it while trying to get cleaning supplies and stuff for the new place. I hope you get a better home. Are the 6 of you staying in the same building or spreading out?
John: we are all spread out. there is a kid here named elder rowe and he went to capital high school hahah. pretty crazy huh?
Craig: Yeah, that’s crazy. Cool though!!! Tell him Rocky just beat Capital for District Championship!!!
John: haha ya i already told him.....all he told me was "we will see what happens in state" haha he already knew


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