Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 23, 2015

Numero 31 ~ Ocotal

Yooo whats up everyone!
Well this week has been a great week for us. Actually this has been a week that I dont think I will ever forget in my mission. It was full of some cool stuff.
To start, we went to Managua this week and we listened to a guy named Bishop Davis and another guy named Elder Ochoa. They are some huge liders in the church. We went up to shake all their hands and Bishop Davis asked me where i was from and I said "Meridian, Idaho. There is a temple going up there" and his wife was right next to him and all she says to me was "Ya we know, my husband had something to do with that." haha I was like wow this dude must be pretty big in the church. He spoke to us a little bit about how we can make it through hard times and we can receive help and revelation through the scriptures. It was a good talk. Both of the missions were there and both presidents of the missions spoke, it was pretty cool. The spirit was very strong in the meeting. I also got to spend some time with all my friends from the mission too.
The next day we left with some members and they showed us around to some cool families that want us to teach them. They got us 8 new investigators this week and 4 of them already have dates to be baptised. Something that I have learned is that through the members of the church we can find those people that are waiting for us to give them this message. It was a day full of success, and we are going out again tomorrow. Also we have been working with this dude named Eucebio and we are working with him to be baptised this weekend so I am pumped for this next saturday to come. I am praying that he will get baptised this weekend.
Another cool thing that happened was we got down to Esteli for Stake Conference. The one cool thing about being in the zone of Esteli my whole mission is I knew almost all the people there and have grown so close to some many of them. I got to see Jaime and his family and everyone from Rosario and also got to see all my friends from Sebaco. It was cool. There was something that I will never forget in that conference. I dont know if you guys remember about Genaro. He was a less active when I was in Rosario and we reactivated him and my last sunday in Rosario he gave a talk. He is a good friend of mine and I got to see him there. Better than that though is he spoke in Stake Conference. He spoke about the journey he has had and how far he has come in the gospel. It was a very powerful talk full of the spirit. I was just listening and felt such a joy for him. Just three months ago he was completely inactive and now he is speaking in Stake Conference and next week he will be set apart to be the next President of the Branch in Rosario. Pretty cool. Pretty crazy to see how far he has come.
This week has be an awesome week full of memories that I will never forget. We are really seeing some cool things happen here in Nicaragua.

Thats all I got for you today guys. Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Sherle
this week is Craig's birthday - john sent a video shout out to his Dad.

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