Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 16, 2015

Numero 30

¡Hola a todos! ¿Que tal?
Well I am getting used to this place here in Ocotal. For having to open up another area, it is definitely easier the second time. I love here in Ocotal. The branch is super tiny and the people are so goofy here. There are some super cool members too though. Almost the whole ward is recent converts and almost everyone is still brand new in the church. The president of the branch doesnt even have more than 4 years in the church. Its pretty cool. I hope I will be able to stay here for awhile especially because we are about to get into the hottest months of the year here in Nicaragua and here in Ocotal it doesnt get too hot so I hope I can stay up here and pass through these next few months and not have to deal with the crazy heat here. 

This week we had a multi-zone conference in Managua with our whole zone and two others called Matagalpa and Tipitapa. We met with Presidente the whole day and he talked to us about the work here and how we are doing with our goals on the year. Its crazy how much that dude knows about the gospel and i just love the way he motivates us. Our year goal for 2015 is to baptise 2400 people in the year. That is a pretty crazy number to think about but in this mission we can do it. He has told us what we have to do to be able to reach that goal and the secret is just to work as hard as we can and be completely focused on the work. 

We found some really cool people this week. I was on divisions with a new white kid that just got here in my area and so I had to do everything but we were able to have some really cool lessons with two new families. One family is an old investigator family. They were about to get baptised about a month ago but something happened and they stopped going to church. So we went there and had a really spiritual lesson with them and the dad came to church this week. We will be working with them really hard this week. The other family we found is brand new too so we are excited to be able to teach them this week.

One thing I learned this week is the difference between teaching and teaching with the spirit. A lot of times we just get in the habit of teaching people just to teach them instead of actually finding the needs of the people and helping them through the gospel of Christ. As I teach with the spirit, the people are way more receptive the message we have and are more willing to act on the impressions they feel. I dont know why but that was something that just stuck out to me this week and something that my comp and I are going to work on.

All in all a great week here. We are going to Managua again this week with both the missions in Nicaragua to listen to a Seventy come. I am really excited for that!
I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!
Nos vemos
Elder Sherle

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