Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 6, 2015

Número 32

heyyyy everyone! How are you all? 
I am pretty good here in Ocotal. I had a good week last week with a couple highlights. I am just going to talk about some things that happened and give you guys a couple updates on what is going on down here. 
Well first I had my last new persons meeting with my baby boy this week. We went down to Managua to listen to President and listen to a bunch of different people to help the new missionaries adapt to the mission life. It was a good meeting. It is cool to see a ton of my district now have kids and are training. I sat with Elder Ward and we got to chill again. We have had to travel a lot to Managua this month though so I am kind of sick of going down there. We have to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to get to the meeting by 9:30. Its pretty rough but its cool to hear President speak to us.

This week starts the "Holy week" here in Nicaragua. Everyone goes crazy here it is pretty funny. Holy week here is Easter but they do it for a whole week in latin america. I am not exactly sure what they do here but it is a big deal. I just know that there are a lot of celebrations and that a ton of people like to party and have a good time. I am excited to see all the stuff that is going to happen this week.
Everyone knows this week for being super hot too. It is getting really hot here. I am starting to die. I just sweat and sweat and sweat. It is so gross. I am lucky too being here in Ocotal it isnt that hot here but I am still dying. I am getting a little tan though not going to lie. I know all you guys have seen me super white but now I got a little color to me. I guess that is the upside to being in the sun all day long. 
On Saturday we had our baptism. We baptised the guy named Eusebio. We got to go to a waterfall and baptise him there. It was so cool. I think that is a dream i have always had is to baptise in a waterfall. My comp baptised him so I hope I got some more time here to do it myself. I will send some pictures just to show you guys how cool it was. We confirmed Eusebio on Sunday and everything went good. Its been awhile but there is nothing like the feeling of seeing someone get baptised.
I guess the last thing I would like to say is that this sunday is a very special sunday. I remember going easter egg hunting and having a huge dinner and everything but there is a special meaning of easter. We need to remember that our Savior died for us and three days later rose from the dead. Because of him, we will be able to rise up again and live with him forever. I hope everyone can take a little time to remember all the things that He has done for you. 
I love you all so much. 

Elder Sherle

Ps -this part of the year is so hard for me because I know that all of the
March Madness games are going on and I cant watch them. I miss basketball
so much. I miss playing, miss watching, miss being in the gym all the time.
I get to shoot around a little bit on pday but nothing serious. Who ever is
watching the March Madness games just know that you are a lucky person.

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