Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 6, 2015

Número 33 - Ocotal

Whats up fam!
Well I dont have much time today to write but I will try to throw in a couple thoughts that I have about this week. 
FIrst off, today we had a super pday with our whole zone. Presidente gave us some money to go to a river and have a bbq with the zone for baptising 24 people this last month of march. It was a fun day. I got burned pretty good though. I got such a bad tan line on my arms from always wearing short sleeved shirts. We just got back to Ocotal and we have some meeting tonight so we are writing super fast haha. 
As most of you guys know, we had general conference this week. It was a good conference. I took a lot of notes to help me in the mission field here. We watched the saturday part here with the members in their house and sunday we went down to esteli to watch it with all the members from over there. On saturday we watched it in spanish, which i understood most of it, and on sunday we got to watch it in english. I felt like a lot of the speakers were really focused on the family. It talked about eternal marriage and how important the family is right now. Our family is used to help us stay strong in our faith and resist the tempatations of satan. I have definitely seen the blessing of the lord in my family when we are all on the same page and strong in the faith. God wants to protect us and help us through the trials of life and through the families we will be able to keep happiness and joy with us at all times. Another part i really liked was a quote i heard and it says "Average is the enemy of excellence". That really hit me in the conference. I have realized that it is so easy just to be average and be idle throughout life. The best thing is to work as hard as we can to be the best we can be. I know that if I remain idle I wont be able to reach excellence and will only be able to reach "average". I want all you to know to be great in all you do. Dont settle for average, work for greatness.
Another cool thing that happened was we got to be on tv here in ocotal. The other missionaries talked to the news station here and we got to have an anouncement running all day on friday and saturday of us anouncing the conference for everyone to watch. I never thought I would get on tv in Nicaragua or even talk to a camera in spanish for a couple minutes. It was pretty cool. 

I guess the last thing is that this will be the last week with my boy. I will finish his training this week and on sunday we will find out our changes. I hope i dont leave here in Ocotal. I love it here. It is such a cool little place. I am praying that i wont leave haha. 
Well thats all I got for you guys this week. I am doing good here. I hit 8 months today and am now a third done with my mission. I cant believe it. Time is flying. 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Sherle

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