Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 27, 2015

Número 36

Hola familia!
This was another good week. We are seeing some good progress here in Ocotal. I am dying from this heat here. It's doing me dirty haha I am just waiting for the rain season to get here. It should be here in the next couple weeks. 
We had a really good sunday this week because we had 7 investigadors in the church this week. Emilio and Corina went and Jose and Maria went this week which made us super happy. It is always a good feeling when I work hard all week and then I show up to the church and there are a bunch of investigadors there. They all told us they had a great time and felt the spirit there. This week we are going to talk to both of those families about their marriage and see if they will get ready to get married soon. That is the one thing that is hard here is that no one is married here. We will see what happens. I am praying for them. 
In one of our lessons with Jose and Maria we asked Jose to say the last prayer before we left and he is always usually hesitant to pray but he agreed to it. One thing that I love about this mission is hearing a prayer that comes straight from the heart of someone. Jose was praying and in his prayer he says "Heavenly Father, I know that this is your church and I know that these two kids are your servants, thank you for sending them to me". When he said that, I felt the spirit so strong and felt that I was doing my job correctly. I have seen that family progress so much and they have seen the blessings of the Lord in their lives for following his path. I am so glad I didnt stop visiting them. 
One thing I have learned here in Nicaragua is every loves to talk mess about our church and how we are crazy and all that stuff. I think it is so funny how so many people think they know everything about our church and say so much stuff. Sometimes when we pass by churches, the pastor will just start talking about how crazy the mormon church is haha it is hilarious. I think it is funny how our religion doesnt talk about any other religion, but everyone talks about us.....wonder why.

Their church building. 

I guess the last thing is I ripped two pairs of pants this week. There is no worse feeling than ripping a pair of pants because I just feel like I am so fat. I hope that isnt the reason why I ripped two pairs of pants, but who knows, this beans and rice every day might be taking a toll on me haha. 
Not going to lie, I got super mad when I ripped the second pair haha I still struggle with my patience issues here, I am working on that. 
Anyways, I am doing good here. We hope to be seeing some success here pretty soon. 
I love you all
Elder Sherle

Elder Rowe- he is from meridian and graduated from capital high. They meet each other for the first time on their mission and only live 10 miles or less from each other here at home. John loves having him there and has really got to know him well as they are both serving in the same zone.  This was a new t-shirt he got down there. Love it!!! 

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