Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Número 44 good changes

Hey fam. This week has definitely been interesting. Every week has its own little things that make them special.
Well, the work has been better this week. We got to find a lot of investigadors and got to teach a lot of people this week. We worked pretty hard. We really worked hard to complete with all of our goals. 
We saw a little miracle this week. We had worked pretty hard and we were waiting for Sunday to see if all the people were going to go to church. So we went passing by for everyone before church in the morning and all of them told us that they were busy and werent able to go until the afternoon meeting. We only had one investigador there. So we got a little sad for that but we still had some hope. We ate lunch and went to pass by for everyone again and the people we taught all had another excuse for not being able to go to church. So we werent going to have people in the church, but I kept telling Elder Choque to keep his faith because I knew we were going to get investigadors in church. So in the afternoon there is a bus that picks everyone up to go to church and we were on the bus and we get a call from an investigador and she told us that she was coming. Once she showed up she had brought a ton of other people to go to church with her and they told us that they want us to visit them. We were caught off guard for that because we didnt even think that she was going to go with us this week. We turned out to have 8 investigadors in church this week. It was awesome. They all loved it and had a good time. Its crazy what a little faith can do. God works miracles through the people that have faith. He never seems to disappoint. He is always behind the door and all we need to do is knock. 
I learn so much here. This mission is really changing me. I know a lot of people told me to not change but I have changed so much. Good changes. Changes that will help me when I get home. I feel good, I am happy. I love it here. I get to learn so much about myself.
Well thats all I got for you guys today. I love you all and I hope all you guys have a great week!
Nos Vemos
Elder Sherle

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