Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Numero 45 ~ Puerto

Hey fam. Wow, i cant believe I am back in the cyber. This week went by really fast.
It was a good week. We had President come over here from Managua and he was here with the two AP's too.
On tuesday, we did a huge zone change where everyone got a new companion for a day and they gave us a ton of goals that we had to complete in our areas. Of course, President put me with Elder Jacobsen so him and I got to work together for a day again. It always cool working with him. I always fills me in on all the information about the mission and whats going on and he always gives me good pointers. We always talk about our time together back in El Rosario and how we were just the two white dudes who couldnt speak spanish trying to help people come unto Christ. Its cool to see how much we have changed. We had a good time. President talked to every one of us about our goals and how we have been doing in the work and everything. He talked to us about church attendance and baptisms and all that good stuff. Its weird now I hardly see President because I am all the way over here in Puerto Cabezas.
We had a baptism set up this weekend but sadly it fell. We were going to get this guy named Ninjer married and baptised but it didnt happen. The thing is, the ocean has been closed for the last 6 months and it opens up tomorrow so almost all the dudes of Puerto are on the huge boats getting them ready to leave and go make some money. This week i think probably 75 percent of the dudes are going to go out to the sea. There isnt much work here and the biggest income comes from the ocean so everyones going. Ninjer is part of that and he has been on his ship getting it ready and all that so we probably wont see him for a couple weeks. It was pretty sad. He is a cool dude. I hope when he gets back he will still want to get baptised.
This week we have a baptism set up. He has been an investigador for about a year now but he has never been able to get baptised because of his divorce. His divorce finally went thorugh this week so now he is able to get married and baptised. His name is Ceforino. He is a cool dude. He just understands so well. He has had a really hard life and has fallen so many times and just now recently he has fixed his life up and now he is going to be ready to enter the waters of baptism. It will be a good weekend.
We are already back to changes. This next monday we will have changes. I dont even want to guess because I am always wrong. We will see what happens though.
Hope you guys have a great week! I love you all so much!
Elder Sherle

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