Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Numero 84 ~ Walking less; teaching more

Hey fam! It was a good week this week. Conference was great. I watched most of it in spanish this time because its pretty easy now to understand the messages. I enjoyed it. The only thing is I love hearing the voices of the speakers instead of the voices of the translators but it was still cool. 
We had a couple investigadors go and they loved it. A lot of people went which was cool to see. 
This week was hard for me because I had to get to know the area and pretty much just had to follow my comp everywhere we went. The area is really big. Its about twice the size of my old area. Its a good thing because there are more people but the bad part is we have to walk a lot more to cover the area. What we are going to do starting this week is divide the area into two parts so that we are teaching more than walking which is a very important concept. Nothing benifits us to be walking and walking and walking if we are teaching people. So its better to stay in one area for a full day trying to teach more and go to the other area the next day so we are more efficient. There just really is not enough time in the day to cover the whole area. We will see how that goes for us this week. 
The 2nd of April I hit my 4 months left mark. 4 months left to work in the work of the Lord. I got to make the most of it. 
We have some really cool investigadors that are preparing to get baptized in these next couple weeks. We hope to see a lot of success these next couple of weeks. 
We have an investigador that has been telling us she is really scared to be baptized and wasnt sure if it was what she needed to do. She went to the session in saturday in the afternoon. In that session, Elder Bednar spoke about baptism, the holy ghost, and the sacrament. It was the perfect talk for her and she left the session really pumped up for her baptism. She loved it and she is really excited for her baptism on the 16th. It was a cool miracle that we saw that her doubt was answered through the conference! 
Thats what I got for you guys! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Sherle

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