Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Numero 86 ~ 2 baptisms this week & Interviews with President Collado

Heyyyyy fam!!
Well this week was really cool for us. Some cool stuff happened. 
I will start with the highlight of the week. We had 2 baptisms on saturday. The baptismal service was really cool. A ton of members showed up and it was really organized and it really went smoothly. Elder Esquivel, my comp, baptized them. They are really cool. They were so ready and excited to be baptized. Then on sunday they showed up early and we had a ton of people go to church too. Sister Karen brought a friend to her baptism and then to church on sunday and after church she told us she wants to get baptized too which was really cool. 
We have some cool investigadors right now. We are preparing ourselves for May. President has asked every companionship in our mission to baptize at least 4 people this month of may so we need to be really focused on finding news and putting a lot of baptismal dates. 
President came to Chinandega this week and we had interviews with him. Interviews are always cool with President Collado, he always gives us a lot of advice and animates us. We did a couple practices with aps about teaching skills and how we can be better teachers and help the people understand us better and to teach simpler. All in all it went good. 
The weather here is still really hot but we are starting to see signs of rain. There are more clouds in the air now so we should be seeing some rain in the next couple weeks. It will be my last rainy season. I love the rainy season here. 
Today we had to go to managua because my comp had to get his id renewed and while we were there i saw a family from puerto that i knew and they talked to me about my converts over there and they said they are doing good. They told me that a family that i was working with before i left got baptized about 2 weeks ago so i was really happy to hear that. Its always cool to hear about stories like that, that i was able to plant the seed and help a family come to know the gospel. Good stuff!!
Well, we have a lot of work ahead of us this week. The weeks are flying! I cant believe we are almost already in May!!! so crazy!

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