Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Numero 51 ~ That One Year thoughh!!!‏

Heyyyy fam! As you can tell from the title, i hit one year this week! It was a great week! We had a good time!
On Thursday I hit a year mark. One full year away from my house. I cant believe it. Im not going to lie i was a little trunky. I thought about all the experiences I have had in this year and everything I have learned. I am so glad I came here. I am so thankful for all the people that helped me come here. I have learned so much and I have still so much more to learn. I am now on the downhill stretch.
Tradition of burning a shirt at the year mark
On Thursday, after we got done working we went over to Elder Monson's house and we made a little bonfire of all of his trash that he had been saving up. We did the tradidicion of burning a shirt. I got some cool pictures from it!

On friday, President came over and we were with him for a day. He came here with a doctor and the doctor talked to us about how we need to be more careful with the water here. He showed us all the nasty parasites that are here and that we need to stay away from the gross water and only drink purified water. It scared us all because we always drink normal water and we didnt really know how bad it could be for us. haha now we know. Also, we talked about the work and he helped us better the way we teach and helped us be able to teach to the needs of our investigadors in a better way. I always learn so much from him. I love watching him teach. He really knows how to talk to people and help people feel the spirit.
Sunday was a good day. We were successful again at church having a lot of investigadors. We have a good amount of people getting ready for the 22nd of August and the 29th of August. We are inviting everyone to be baptised and helping people grow more to Christ.
I also called some of my converts this week. I called Jaime and Jose. They are doing good. They are active in the church and they told me that they are very blessed. It was so great to hear from them and be able to talk with them. Jaime told me he is going to go to the temple in November with his wife! That made me so happy. I hope he does it. I love my converts so much.
Well thats all I got for you guys this week! I got some cool pics for you guys! I hope everyone is doing good!
One year down boys and girls!
Love yall
Elder Sherle
Another Rat caught in the trap this week (GROSS!)

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