Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Numero 52 Puerto sick this week.

Hey fam and friends! I couldnt write yesterday because there was no internet again. I dont know why they have to cut off the internet on Monday, do they not know that i need to write my fam on Monday? Guess not.
Good news, we had no problems with rats in the house. I think we scared the rest away. But now, we are getting a ton of spiders in the house. We literally cant win in our house. I am going to buy some heavy duty poison though that is going to kill those suckers real quick. haha
This week was going good up until about Thursday when i started to get sick. I dont know what hit me but I got super sick. I didnt eat anything for over 3 days and was just dead. It was awful. It is literally the worst thing being sick because you cant just stop working so I had to work while being sick and just deal with it. I got a lot skinnier from not eating very much. Its tuesday now and I am feeling a little bit better. I need to be a little bit better washing my hands and drinking good water and stuff like that so I dont get sick again like that.
Anywayssss, this week we had a baptism. We baptised a girl named Eliana. She is the daughter of a member. She always goes to church and never was baptised so we baptised her this weekend. It was a cool baptism because what we do in Puerto is everyone does their baptisms together so there were like 15 people that got baptised at the same time on Saturday.
This next week could be a big week for us. We have a couple people that should get baptised on Saturday. We are going to work with them a lot this week, visits every day, and with members so that they are nice are ready for their baptism this weekend. It should be a good week if everything goes good. I got faith that God is going to work some miracles for us!
Sorry this is short thats just all I got for you guys! Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Sherle

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