Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Numero 54 ~ "Do your best and the Lord will do the rest"

Hey fam! Another week down! I cant believe we are already about to get into September!
This week was full of its ups and downs. Ill let you know what happened.
Well we did better this week with our contacts and we visited more the recent converts and the less actives. We taught about 65 lessons this week counting recent converts, less actives, and investigadors. We were pretty diligent and we stayed focused through the whole week so that was good. The weird this was that we kept running into a ton of Pastors. Its so funny when we talk with them because they always try to fight with us and bible bash. We have a good time with it though. haha
I was still feeling pretty sick though the week. The Hermana Barker told me to buy some antibiotics and so i have been on those. I finished them today and now I am finally feeling back to normal. It has been like 3 weeks feeling this pain in my stomach but now I am starting to feel better. I have gotten a lot better keeping everything clean and drinking good water.
President Nelson came to Managua on Saturday. Ya we couldnt go because we are too far away and the mission didnt want to pay for us to go over there. Messed up. Because we couldnt go, the zls made a nice breakfast (pancakes and smoothies) and so we ate before he spoke and then we got to listen. It was alright, the connection wasnt too good so we got disconnected a few times but his message was awesome. I took a lot of notes of what he said. He has a such a strong spirit with him and he is so happy. He told us that keeping the commandments dont restrain us, they liberate us. I have definitely seen that in my life. When we keep the commandments we are always filled with happiness.
One of our members in our area had a stroke this week on thursday. We went to the hospital and gave her a blessing on Saturday. On Sunday, her husband told us on sunday that she had gotten a lot better and that her face had stopped twitching. It was a cool little testimony of Priesthood power and how God works faith though people that believe in it. I think she might get out of the hospital today so we are praying for her.
We had a baptism planned for us on Sunday but it fell though. I dont know what happened because we saw her in the morning and talked to her and she was all good to go but then when we went back to the house in the afternoon to go with her to the church she was gone. She didnt answer her phone or anthing so we dont know what happened. I got pretty upset because everything went bad and then that was just the cherry on top. I guess it just wasnt meant to be. Maybe she will be ready later on.
We had to drop a bunch of people and now we dont have a ton of people progressing so this week will be a big week of finding the chosen people.
So that was a little bit of my week. Its ups and downs. I guess thats how life is. Ups and downs. Just got to keep the faith and move on.
"Do your best and the Lord will do the rest"
I love you guys so much! I hope you have a great week!
Elder Sherle

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