Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Numero 57 ~ First contact in English

Hey fam!!! This week went by really fast. Almost too fast. I dont even really remember what happened. Ill throw down a couple thoughts though.
Emilio. Emilio didnt have time to move out of his house. So he didnt get baptised. His job right now is really demanding so he had no time this week outside of his job. Our branch president told us that Emilio is having a hard time taking the decision because he doesnt want to live his kids but his wife is really rude to him and wont marry him so he is living in a big sin. We are going to give him a little bit more time to make his decision. He is so cool though. I got faith in him.
This week was really good for us in finding new investigadors. We found some really cool families. We met this family from Honduras and they went to church and the wife came up to me and told me "Sorry that I was late, next week I will be on time". Anytime a new investigador tells you that it is always a good sign. We were able to put a couple other baptismal dates with a couple other cool people. We are doing good. We are getting better and better each week it seems like. We use our time really wisely and we are working hard. At the end of the week I am always so beat. Pdays come at the best time. They are a need.
Another family, Pedro and Anna, went to church this week too. Anna is the sister of a returned missionary from our ward that got back about a month ago. They are really cool. They are having problems in their relationship and so we are trying to help them realize how the gospel blesses the family and that if they live the gospel they will be happy and wont have so many problems. We are going to have a family home evening tonight it will be good.
On thursday we were walking around contacting a bunch of people and I contacted this dude and he started talking to me in english. He was actually speaking with me really well. It threw me off but I went with it and contacted him in english. It was so weird. I felt so different. It my first contact ever in all english. Its weird I had to translate from spanish to english in my mind haha.
Well, that was my week I guess. Thats what I got for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed it :)
I love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Sherle

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