Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Numero 56 ~ Puerto ~ Running Fast Falling Rats

Hey fam! How is everyone?

I am doing good here in Puerto. I guess I'll tell you a little bit about my week...

We were really busy this week. We had a lot of people to visit and spent a lot of time finding new investigadors. This week we found out that there was a part of area that we didnt know was ours so we got to go discovering over there this week. The place is called "Los Angeles", just for the name I know we are going to have some success there. We actually found a couple cool people over there. We found a guy named Linder. He came from Chinandega over here to Puerto Cabezas. His gf over there is a member of the church and he had been investigating the church but then he moved over here and when we contacted his house he was really happy to see us and was super positive. He really understood our message and was very open to learning more.

A funny story. We got into this house to teach and we start teaching and we start seeing 2 rats up by the roof start runnig around and chasing eachother and they were so big. It was so hard to stay concentrated on the lesson because she didnt notice because her back was to them but we could see them clearly and it was so gross. My comp hates rats and he freaks out when he sees one so image how he was hahha the funniest part is they were running so fast that one of the rats fell from the roof and landed in the chair right next to my comp literally like a foot from him and he jumps up and starts screaming and he grabbed me and hid behind my back hahahaha. He was behind my back for a good five minutes because he was so freaked out. We definitely lost the spirit in that lesson hahaha but it was pretty funny. Lets just say we wrapped up that lesson pretty fast and got out of there hahahah.

We saw a miracle this week. We had been working with this guy named Emilio this last month. He is awesome and wants to change his life. The thing is, he hasnt been able to progress much because his wife is a member of another church and refused to marry him so he is not able to be baptised because he still lives with her. Also, he has been working on sundays so we kind of stopped visiting him for about a week. But this sunday he showed up to church and he brought a friend too. He told us that this weekend he wanted to get baptised. So we need to help him move out of his house and find somewhere to stay. So that is our goal this week. I was so happy to see him go to church and see him happy.

So many litte miracles that the lord does for us.

I got a couple cool pics Im going to send. We went to the beach today for P-day!

Well, there are a couple highlights for you guys this week. Thats what I got for you guys!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Sherle


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