Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Numero 59 ~ General Conference

Hey fammmmm! It was a great week here in Puerto Cabezas. 

Now that I am in a new area I spent this week trying to get to know everyone and get to know the new area. I love the new area. It is a lot bigger than my last area. From what I have noticed, this new area is a lot more spanish than miskito. It is more closer to the main part of town so everyone speaks spanish really well. My comp is awesome. We are working good together. 

I was super tired this week because we walked a lot more than usual with general conference and trying to get as many people to church as possible. We were really successful with bringing investigadors to church. I broke my all time record of investigadors to church with 18 this weekend. By the end of the last session I was dead. We saw miracles though getting that many investigadors to church. I was really happy to see so many new people go to church. The church was super full. 

The branch I am in is really strong. We have a lot of returned missionaries in it and they are a lot of strong members. One thing that I have noticed in the branch is that the members are a lot closer than the other branches that I have worked in. There is more love. I already feel comfortable with the members. The liders know who are investigadors are and everything. That is something that almost never happens. I am going to love being in this branch. 

The highlight of my week was General Conference of course. It was awesome. I have honestly come to love general conference as I have actually watched them on my mission because of the spirit that the profet and the apostles have with them. There were a lot of great talks and I was able to learn a lot about how to be a better follower of Jesus Christ and how I can love the Lord more in my life. I am so grateful for living Profets and Apostles that talk with the Lord that can guide us through life that we might be able to stay on the straight and narrow paths. They help us know the boundaries in life that protect us from danger and show us how to find the happiness and purpose of life. 

President Uchdorf said "Exaltation is the goal, Discipleship is the journey". It is so true. Our goal in life is to be able to live with God once again and to be able to enjoy all the blessing of Him and we need to be disciples of the Lord to be able to reach our goal. 

Elder Oaks said "The future is as bright as your faith". I really liked that because for our faith God can work miracles in our life but if we dont have faith and we dont believe, our future wont be so bright and God wont be able to work so many miracles in our lifes. 

And there are so many more. 

I am so grateful for the many things I have learned here and without a doubt I know that the Lord lives and he wants us to be happy. For that reason, he has given us guidelines and his gospel to be able to follow the path that leads back to him. He loves us so much. 

I hope everyone was able to get something out of Conference. I love you guys and hope you guys have a great week this week! 

Love you guys!

Elder Sherle

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