Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Numero 61 ~ Rain boots

Oh hey fam and friends! 

well this week was full of hard work. Needless to say, I was very exhausted by the time it got over. I guess I could compare it to the way I would feel after a basketball tourney, just beat. My body hurt and I was drained honestly. That is missionary work though. It takes everything. Also, hard works brings miracles so thats how its got to be. start off this week it was raining like crazy. I mean, like crazy. Every day it would come down so hard. We are in that season though where it rains just about every day. The first couple days I was getting so soaked and my shoes were getting destroyed from the roads. For those who dont already know, the roads are just dirt so they get full of water and mud and all that good stuff. Walking all day and having wet and muddy shoes all day doesnt make it too fun so I decided to go and buy some rain boots. They are sweet. My feet were so dry the rest of the week because of my rain boots. I didnt think I would ever get to this point where I would buy rain boots but it was necessary. Now I can walk everywhere and not having to worry about where I walk. 

We changed our clothes lady this week because she wasnt washing it for us this week so my comp and I had to use the same clothes for 4 days straight and for the rain our clothes couldnt dry. By that fourth day our shirts were pretty yellow. It was gross. It felt so good to get fresh washed clothes haha but now we are all good with our new lady that is doing it. She even ironed our clothes this week which not very many people do. My shirts look so nice, I was very impressed. haha

Something really sad happened this week. We went to our recent converts house. The mom was a member and the kids were baptised about 4 months ago. We got there and the mom wasnt there. We asked the 3 kids where she was and all they said is that she left. So we went to the grandmas house right in front of the house and asked what happened and she told us that the mom just ran off with some other guy and left the kids. I honestly felt so bad for those 3 little kids. Their mom just left them with nothing. It was so sad. I asked myself. How could a mom do that? I dont understand it. Sometimes I ask why the Lord lets things like that happen. I just know that God has a plan for everything. 

On Sunday, we brought a family to church. Everyone went but the son and so we took the son in the afternoon to the Miskito meeting. We put him on the bus and we walked to the church because the bus was super full and when we got there we couldnt find him and no one knew where he was. I was so scared because the mom trusted us with the kid. We went back to his house and he wasnt there and we had no idea where he was. I was so stressed out and we were looking and looking and then about 30 mins after the church got over we got a call from the mom and she told us that he just showed up to the house. After everything I was just so relieved. I was so stressed for that. Im glad he is all good though. After that, I was just done and ready to go to bed hahaha. Sundays are crazy here. The plan never goes as planned, never. 

All in all. I learned something very beautiful this week. I learned about the love. Love is so important for us as misionaries. If we dont love the people here we are never going to help them feel the love of the Savior. Sometimes its hard for me to love and I get frustrated with the people and all the stuff we go through as missionaries. I realized this week that for me, if the people that helped me come out on a mission wouldnt have shown me love, i probably wouldnt be here by now. So i need to pay it forward and give that same love that I have felt to the people here. 

Well, thats what I got for you guys this week! I got a picture too of me and my rain boots! :) 
love you all!

Elder Sherle

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