Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 2, 2015

Numero 62 ~ Mom came back

Hey fam!!! How are you guys?? Another week down! 
This week Elder Maughan and I worked really hard. There was a couple cool things that happened. 
Oh first off, those 3 little kids that lost their mom, their mom came back. Hmm, I guess she just went on vacation or something haha. We saw her this week when we walking in the street. Good thing is those 3 little kids got their mom back. 
If I wouldve had my camera I wouldve been able to send you some really cool pics of me and a monkey. When we went to our little activity "mutual" thing at a members house, they had a little monkey that they brought from the mountains and it was pretty well trained. So we got to play with it for a little bit. I honestly might look into a monkey when i get home hahah they are so awesome. Its like a dog that has hands and is really smart. They are so fun to play with! haha
I went on divisions this week with Elder Monson. The good ole MTC comp! I love Elder Monson. He is an awesome missionary. It is crazy how much we have grown. We had a good time together. For some reason, all the dogs have something with Monson so the whole day we had a ton of dogs trying to attack us and bite us. This one dog came booking at us and Elder Monson just drills it with his foot and knocks it over to where I was standing and so I kicked it pretty good too and it ran away crying. It was good teamwork by the two of us hahaha. 
This sunday was pretty stressful. We had this family that we going to try to baptise. It was a mom and her two sons. They had come to church for the last month. We got them all to church and they were all in the room with the baptismal font and so we started asking them if they wanted to get baptised and the mom started to tell us that she still wasnt ready and that she wanted her sons to get baptised first and then her another time. We kept trying to encourage her to take the step of faith and show God her committment to him by being baptised but she just kept telling us that she wasnt ready. So she wanted one of her sons to get baptised right there so we had to call President to see if that was okay and he told us that it was better to wait and do it when the mom and the other son is ready. It was really disappointing because they were so close to doing it. We had to respect her decision and her agency. We felt that we had done our part and that the Lord was going to do his and help them to take that step but it wasnt his will. President told us to be patient, and if we are patient we will see miracles. 
I have learned that on my mission. I have learned that patience and faith help us see miracles from the Lord. There is no reason to dwell on the things from the past and be sad about them. I dont need to beat myself over what happened. I just need to keep the faith and be patient. Its really hard to be patient but it works. Sometimes we just need to trust in the Lord a little bit more and wait for Him. 
That is my week for you guys! I am doing good. I feel good. I am a little sick right now. I thing I ate something that didnt sit well in my stomach but that is normal haha. 
I feel like I am definitely in the rythmn of the mission now. 
Hope you guys have a great week! Thank you everyone for sending me emails! 
Love you all! 
Elder Sherle

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