Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 23, 2015

Numero 65 ~ Love the scriptures

Hey fam!
This week was a good week! We had some really sweet lessons with our investigadors.
We are teaching two families that are really cool. They are really Moravan though. But we are starting to see a lot of positive signs of their progression. I can feel the spirit working with them every time we go there. One guy named Francisco went to church this week and it seemed that he had a good time at church. He came up to us after and asked us when we could go by his house again. We set a meeting with him on Wednesday. We are going to see how he is doing. He has a baptismal date for this weekend so we will go see if he has the desire to do it.
The other family that we are working with was sick and couldnt go to church. My comp passed by in the morning because we do divisions in the morning and they live in Elder Walker's area. So he passed by them and they were really sick and said next weekend they would go. We are going to visit them tomorrow to see how they are doing and to teach them more. We introduced the book of Mormon this week with both families this week and they both seemed interested. President has been telling us a lot that we will be able to establish the church better and have stronger converts if they read the Book of Mormon and learn about it more and ask God if the book is true. He has been telling us that true conversion will not come without the Book of Mormon because it is what holds our religion up. Its either true or its a lie and we need to ask God personally to find out which. So we are puting that into practice in our area trying to focus more on that. I have come to love the scripture here on my mission. I love reading them and learning new things about the gospel. I can feel the spirit every time I open up the scriptures and read them to my investigadors. They seem to have all the answers of our lives. They help us know what to do and to receive guidance in our lives. I love the time from 8-9 every day to read the scriptures. I dont think i would have ever said that before my mission.
This week was District Conference for Puerto Cabezas. We went to the first session of the Priesthood and it was a little sad. There wasnt a big showup. Most of the priesthoods that showed up were the missionaries. The second counselor of President Collado came and kind of chewed out the priesthood because he said that if we want a stake here in Puerto we need to have a strong priesthood. There is a lot to do still here to get a stake but little by little we are getting there. One cool thing was my convert, Ceferino, was there and he received the Melchizedec Priesthood and said the opening prayer in the morning session on sunday. he is so awesome. His wife just got home from the temple on saturday and he told me that once august comes this next year he is going to go get sealed with her.
We are struggling a little bit finding cool new investigadors in the area. A lot of lessons fell through this week but this week we are going to plan a lot better so that we find more and work with the members more. I am praying that our posibilities will go through this week because they are so close. Just got to have some faith.
I love you guys! Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Sherle

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