Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Numero 63 ~ New lunch cita

Well fam! hows it going?? All good over here in Nicaragua. Let me tell a little bit about my week.
Well to start off the week, we changed our lunch cita. We were really annoyed with our last one and so we decided to change to a new family that lives really close to the church. It was a great choice because she cooks us such good food. Since ive been there we have had some steak, lobster, and a famous plate here in Puerto called Rondon. Her food is so good! Her name is Ericka and she is a recent convert.
Thanks for the Halloween package guys! I forget how good some things from america taste! haha. I ate one of those jolly ranchers and i remembered how good american candy is. Thank you so much guys!
This week Elder Maughan and I worked really hard, like always. We went back to one of the dudes that was supposed to get baptised last week, Mario, to see if he was ready. He said he was ready now and he wanted to do it on Saturday. So on Saturday at about 7 at night he was baptised. It was cool to see him get baptised. We really had to show a lot of faith and a lot of patience with him to take that step but he did it. We were really happy. The bad thing was on Sunday he didnt get confirmed. I dont know why he didnt come to church to get confirmed. He hid from us on Sunday and we found him and he didnt want to go. He said he had a problem and he didnt want to tell us why and for that problem he couldnt go to church. I honestly was pretty disappointed because he didnt want to go. Like why get baptised if you arent willing to do the whole thing?? I guess we will see what happens this week if he gets confirmed.
So this week was changes. It was big changes here in Puerto. Every companionship except 2 had changes. 7 left and 3 came back. 2 areas shut down. One of which was mine. The saddest part was that Elder Maughan left Puerto. It was super sad saying bye to him. Him and I worked so well together. He taught me so many things and helped me so much be a better missionary. I really respect him a lot. After the sacrament meeting he had to go to the airport and almost the whole branch left the church with us to say bye to him at the airport. Its always hard saying bye to comps. Its like a brother leaving you. Also, today Elder Chen left back to the Pacific. Its like all my good friends are leaving. I got a couple friends here still but they might be going here soon in the next couple changes.
My new comp now is Elder Walker. He is from South Carolina. I wish i had my camera to send you guys a pic of me and him but maybe next week. We are going to combine my area and his area and it is just one area. So we have a lot of work ahead of us. I got to get to know his area and he has got to get to know mine, members, investigadors and all that good stuff. The best thing is that we are going to stay at Erick's house to eat! haha.
It was a good week. I was sad to see Elder Maughan go but now we are on to a new chapter in the mission.
Well, thats what i got for you guys! I hope everyone has a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Sherle

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