Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 2, 2015

Numero 62 ~ John Dillon

Hey fam and friends! It was another good week over here in Puerto! 
It has been so hot this week. We had a lot of trials of faith but in the end it worked out good. 
Before I start, i just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. They dont celebrate Halloween here so we didnt get to do anything. Right before we went to bed my comp told me happy halloween hahah until then I remembered it was Halloween. That was my last Halloween here in Nicaragua. 
This week when we were contacting I was walking through this guys backyard (which is perfectly normal) and my comp was behind me and then a dog comes out of nowhere and bites me in the back of the leg. I had never been bit by a dog before until that day. I tried to kick it but it ran away too fast. The dog had its shots and everything and didnt get me too bad but it freaked me out. I hate the dogs here so much haha.
We showed up to one of our less active families and one of the daughters had a baby of about 2 months. She told us that the baby didnt have a name and that she was waiting for us to give it a name. So we named the baby John Dillon. My name and my comps name. We wrote it down for her and she said she was going to write it for his birth certificate. hahaha i named a baby. It was awesome. 
I lost my wallet too. I went to buy something from the pulperia and i forgot to put it back in my pocket. A kid took it and i didnt have it for 2 days. I got everything cancled and everything and then the next morning a member called us and told us that they had it. Some kid recognized my face on the id and gave it to the members. It was definitely a blessing that he gave it back because usually the people dont give stuff back like that. I was so grateful to get it back. 
At the end of the week, we had the blessing to baptise these 2 brothers, Javier and Enroy. We had 3 people to baptise in the morning on sunday before church and so i went to go get a guy named Mario and my comp went to get Javier and Enroy in divisions. So when I went to Mario he told me he had to go to his dads house real quick before he could go with us so I had to wait there for forever and he came back and told me he didnt have time and by that time the other two had been baptised so I wasnt able to see them get baptised but the most important thing was that they got baptised. It was sad because Mario didnt get baptised and he was so close and so ready to do it. I dont know what made it so that he didnt get baptised. But the Lord blessed us with that miracle to be able to baptise those 2 brothers. It was very stressful and very tight on time but we got it done. We will go to Mario's house this week to see what happened to him and if he still has the desire to do it. We found some other cool people this week too so we are excited to go back to them to see if they are going to progress. 
So that was my week for you guys! Full of crazy things as always. Full of stress and trials but all in all it worked out how the Lord wanted it. All we need to do is trust in him.
Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Sherle

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