Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Numero 60 ~ Visit with Sister Collado

Hey fam!! Whats up! Hope everyone is doing good!
This week was good. It went by really fast. Like every week, it was full of its ups and downs but all in all i guess it was a good week. 
President and Sister Collado came over to Puerto this week. There were here for Saturday and they left today. President came to do a bunch of number stuff and to do interviews and to help out the leaders and stuff here. It was good. I had a good interview with him. One cool thing that happened is Saturday night we were waiting for President because he was in a meeting with the leaders so it was a couple of us missionaries and Sister Collado. What happened was her and I were able to have an actual normal conversation for about and hour and a half. It was awesome. I actually got to know her a little bit as a person and get to know how she was called to the mission and the whole process of their call. It was so cool to hear all the things they have been able to do. I thought it was cool that we got to have that conversation because that was the first time in my mission that that has happened to me and now I feel like I actually know a little bit better my mission mom. I got a lot of respect for her. 
We had a girl named Ailing that was suppost to get baptised on Saturday. She went to conference and everything and she was all ready to go until the last minute and she backed out. Her family told us that she went to the hospital on Friday and then on Saturday she left her house early in the morning so we never found her. It was pretty annoying. I dont really understand why that happens. At the end of it all, i learned something from it. Every person in the world has their agency to act for themselves. We as missionaries are just the guides to the truth. We testify and invite people to act so that they might know what to do to be saved but we cant force anyone to do anything. It is a great gift that God has given us to be able to choose for ourselves and to make our own decisions and those decisions decide where we go after this life and for eternity. So i just got to stay positive and keep looking to help as many people as I can know what to do to be able to live with God again. 
I feel so blessed to have this gospel in my life. It has helped me so much. It really has opened my eyes to see the bigger picture of things and to see what my purpose here in life. I am so grateful for the atonement so that we can get back up when we fall and move on and be better  people. 
Well thats what i got for you guys this week! I hope you liked it. My camera is still broke. I hope Elder Lainez can get it fixed soon so I can send you guys some pics to make my letters cooler! haha 
I love you all have a great week!!!

Elder Sherle

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