Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 4, 2016

Numero 71 ~ Christmas Party with the zone

Hey fam. It was an awesome week here in Puerto Cabezas.
Tuesday we had the Christmas party with our zone. We took some cool pictures together as a zone with cool glasses and christmas stuff and then we had a nice lunch with everyone. The food was so good. It filled me up so much i felt like i was going to throw up haha. I dont have the stomach i used to back in the states. Then we started the activity with a movie called Big Hero 6. It was a good movie. Even though it was a kids movie i enjoyed it. I miss movies so much. After the movie we had a talent show. It was alright. Everyone had to be in a talent of some sort. I didnt want to put a ton of time into a dance or anything so i just did some ball handling stuff.

 I also did a song with Elder Monson and Elder Gonzales. We had a good time. I enjoyed the activity a lot. At the end we did a cool musical number and we shared testimonies and remembered why we are here as missionaries. We got some awesome gifts too. They gave every companionsip microwaves and a box of popcorn!!! I am so pumped about the microwave, it just makes everything so easy. I havent used a microwave since I was in my first area back in El Rosario. They also gave us a basket of fruit which is super hard to get! They bought us some really nice apples and grapes. Ya real fruit. That isnt found here in Puerto and its pretty expensive over there in Managua. It was a good treat. President Collado and Hermana Collado hooked it up!
Wednesday we got back to work. We had some decent days. We found a couple cool people and put some fechas with some others. It felt a little weird because we didnt get really started to work until Wednesday so I felt a little out of the normal routine. It was good though. One thing that kind of stunk was we had a really cool family that we were teaching. They were reading and praying and doing everything that you want your investigadors to do and we went on saturday to see how they were and they told us that they were moving. They told us that they had to move to Sebaco the next day. So we lost that family this week which was a bummer.
Our New Years was good. We worked all day and everything and then we had dinner with the family that makes us lunch. She made us some nice pork and we had some cake. We went in at the normal time at 8:30. My comp said that all the fireworks woke him up but they didnt wake me up. Im a heavy sleeper. I cant believe we are already in 2016. I feel like 2015 went by really fast. I remember about a year ago i got with Elder Lainez. Time is flying.
On friday we had a baptism too. We baptised a part of a cool family in our ward. One baptism was for the ward because she was 8 and the other was for the mission because she was 10. The dad was going to baptize they but they both wanted Elder Walker to baptize them so he did it hahaha. It was a cool baptism.
Yesterday the attendance was a little down again. Its always disappointing. Our president left for efy so I directed at church. It was cool haah i was like the President of the branch. We had 4 investigadors go to church and one guy showed up who has been visiting the church for the last couple weeks and we just thought he was a member but turns out he isnt and he just got here to puerto a couple months ago. Something crazy is that he barely speaks spanish and he doesnt speak miskito, he only speaks criol english, which is like Jamaican english but worse, so we are going to teach him in english! so dope!! haha we will see how that goes. we are going to visit him tomorrow.
well thats all i got for you guys. i got some cool pics for this week! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!
Elder Sherle

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