Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 18, 2016

Numero 73 ~ Holding hands around the world

Hey fam. Its a little rainy over here in Puerto these last couple days but it has been a another good week. 
Well first off we went up again in attendance in the branch. We had 92 which was good for us. There is still a lot of growing but we are going little by little. My goal is that we can get up to 120 by the time I leave. There are changes in 2 weeks though. I dont think I am going to leave but you never know. 
Kelvin went to church too. He has his baptismal date for this Saturday. He seems pretty much ready to go. It is going to be so cool because we are going to do the ordinance in english. I have never baptized anyone in english so this might be the first time! I am pumped for it! He is so cool. 
In church we set apart my convert, Efrain, as the new young mens president of the branch. He is doing great in the church. He always tells us how he is going to leave on his mission this December. 
We are doing this thing now where every saturday we are leaving with 2 men in our branch and we do divisions. It really helps us because our area is huge and we dont have time to do everything in one day. I think it really helps us raise the attendance because we can pass by a ton of members and remind them to go and help them out so they are ready to go to church. I sometimes feel like we have to hold the hands of so many members but it is working haha. 
The Area Presidency puts a lot of focus on the self sufficiency so that the missionaries have less responsibility and the members can do more. A lot of people are just so young in the church so they still dont really understand how the church works yet but with time it will get better.
The new area plan came out for 2016. I felt a little weird because i remember when the plan of 2015 came out. It is a similiar plan and its perfect to help strengthen the church for us. It focuses a lot on the daily prayer and scripture study, paying tithing, keeping the day of rest, doing temple work, and simple things like that so that the members become more converted and receive more blessings in their life.
Our investigadors are doing good too. We are a little low right now just because some have moved out of our area but we are doing decent. Only 10 right now but 6 of them are on date. We just need to get more this week to make our pool of investigadors bigger so that we keep baptizing and helping the church get more members. 
Well January is already flying by. I cant believe it. Time is rolling right now. We are just pushing along here working hard and finding those chosen people! 
Until next week
much love

Elder Sherle

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