Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Numero 74 ~ Baptism in English

Hey fam! It was a good week here in Puerto. Like always. 
President came this week and had interviews with us. He also talked about our baptisms and how the branches were doing. Elder Walker and I have been doing a good job with both of those. 
So I sit down for my interview and the first thing he says to me was "Elder Sherle, it looks like your time in Puerto is coming to an end". I told him how much I didnt want to go. He explained to me that I have to go to Managua to renew my ID at immigration and he told me that he doesnt know if i am coming back or no. He gave me 30 seconds to tell him why I should stay here in Puerto. So i threw some good stuff at him. We will see what happens. You never know if he is just playing with your head or if he is for sure haha. It was a great interview though. I always love having time with President. He always give me good advice. 
We also watched a transmition for all the missions in the world. Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, and Elder Anderson. They talked about the important things about teaching and finding and how we need to preach repentance to the people and baptize converts. It was a good transmition. I took some good notes. 
With our investigadors right now, we have 10. They are a solid ten. We have some really quality invesigadors, just not much of a quantity. I know quality is better than quanity but we want to increase the quantity of quality investigadors so that we can keep baptizing and helping people. We have some sweet guys that are preparing to be baptized in February. That Priesthood baby!
Attendance went up again. We had 96 this week. We were really happy. Even with that 96 there were some families that didnt show up so we are going to keep growing week by week. 
We also had the blessing to baptize this week. We baptized a guy named Kelvin! He is so awesome! All english baby! We did the whole service in english, english himns, prayers, everything! It was great.

I baptized him and of course right in the prayer i messed up the words! hahaha i have never messed up in spanish and in my own language I messed up. I corrected it good right after I messed up but come on. haha. Definitely one of my favorite baptisms just because I had never done a baptism in english before so i got to participate in that. 
Well thats what I got for you guys this week! Ill send some pics i got this week! Wish me luck that I stay in Puerto!
Love you all!

Elder Sherle

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