Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Numero 91 ~ mas o menos

Hey fam!
This week was mas o menos. 
This week dropped the first hard rain. We are now in rainy season here. We got soaked pretty good. I like the rain season though because it is a little cooler. The thunder here is so strong its like sitting in a car with strong bass, you can feel it in your chest. Its a pretty cool feeling. 
This week we had to drop a couple investigadors because they didnt go to church. The family that we are working with didnt go to church because they had to go to a meeting in Chinandega. We were pretty sad that they didnt go. We are going to pass by tonight to see how they are doing. 
This week we really need to find new people to teach. We are making a few changes in the companionship so we work a little bit better together. So I am excited for this week to see some miracles. 

More than anything, i just want to forget about this week and move on. There are always bad weeks but the best thing to do is forget about it and be better the next week. So thats the plan. 
Love you all,
Elder Sherle

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