Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 30, 2016

Numero 92 ~ a good district meeting

Hey fammmm!
Well, this week was ALOT better than last week. 
On tuesday we had a good district meeting about how we need to find more people to teach and use the members to find people to teach so we decided to put that into practice. 
On Wednesday we went on divisions with the zls and we both left our area and worked with them for a whole day. It was rreally good to see how they work with the members and how they get references from them. After the divisions i felt really motivated to try it more in my area.
The next 3 days we got a ton of references from the members and we found a ton of new investigadors. I think we found 16 new investigadors in 3 days which was really cool to see. Now this week we are going to work with those new investigadors that we found and we are going to keep using the members. Today we have set up to go with another member and on tuesday so we hope that we will be able to see some success using the members to find new investigadors to teach because it helps out the people that investigate the church to feel comfortable and to be able to feel free to ask questions and be more willing to learn. 
My companion and I are pretty motivated now because we got to see some cool fruits for our work and we are going to continue working hard. 
That was my week for you guys! I really dont have a ton to say but that is what I remember. 
We played some basketball today which was really nice to get some stress out and be able to shoot a little bit! My companion and I wake up at 5 30 and we go play in the park some days too so I get to play a little bit! Good stuff!
I love you all!
Elder Sherle

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