Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Numero 93 ~ Elder Knight showed up

Hey fammmmm. This week flew by again.
Well this week a couple things that happened was on wednesday we had a zone meeting and our old zone leader, Elder Knight, showed up. It was a cool zone meeting because we all wrote something that we want to do better this month of june and we put it into a pinata and at the end of the meeting with all got to hit the pinata and destroy it haha. Elder Knight worked with me for a little bit in divisions in my area after the meeting. We had a good time together. He goes home with me too.
We got some more references this week from members. Not all of them were open to us but we found a couple new investigadors so we are going to keep going with the references. 
Thursday was a good day. One thing we are doing together as a companionship is looking for all the members that dont live in the area anymore. As we have done this we have been able to find some new people. We were looking for a guy that was a member and when we went to the house we found a different guy and so we started talking to him and by the end of the discussion he accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of June. It was a cool miracle. 
This week the attendance at church was down because it was raining all morning and when it rains a lot of members dont show up for church. No one has a car so its hard for them to walk in the rain and have to deal with all the water that builds up in the street. This next week we hope that it doesnt rain again so that we can have a good attendance. 
We had an investigador in church this week named Roger, he is really cool. He showed up by himself and stayed for all 3 hours and after he told us that he really liked it. The testimony meeting is always good for the investigadors because they can hear the testimonies of the members and listen to how the gospel has helped the lives of the members.
I had a cool experience this week. We ate lunch at a new members house on sunday and when we were eating she sat down with us and she started to tell us about how important missionaries are to her. She expressed to us that when she sees us she sees angels of the Lord and she told us that she can feel the spirit really strong in her house when we are there. It was cool to hear that because it reminded me that I am a servant of the lord and that we carry a strong spirit with us in this calling as a missionary. It was a cool experience to reflect on. 
Well thats what I got for you guys this week. I love you all and i hope you have a great week!
Elder Sherle
This week the bishop made them French Toast - YUMM!!

This week the church changed the dress code for sister missionaries.
They can now wear pants! whoa!! :) 

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