Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Numero 94 ~ Chinandega 6.3 earthquake

Hey fam!! Well this week was full of interesting experiences!
Im sure you have heard but this week about 15 kilometers from my area hit a 6.3 caliber earthquake. The first one was really strong and then there were a couple other ones that we felt strong too. We were walking to our house when it hit and by the time we had got to our house 3 earthquakes had passed through. It was pretty nerveracking because we had nowhere to go and we were afraid that a lamp post would fall or that a house would fall. Nothing happened to us. We were protected by the Lord. My comp didnt get sleep that night and i got a little bit of sleep. We stayed up to get ahold of a companionship in the district that was right by where the earthquake was born. They were all good just really shaken up. It has still been shaking. There has been a ton of replicas and even this morning we felt it shake a little bit. We have been a little nervous but it looks like we are going to be okay and that we will be okay. The people here were pretty scared. They are all worried that the volcano that is here in Chinandega (the biggest one in central america) is going to activate. So everyone is on their feet and ready for whatever that comes. It is good for us because these are signs that the lord is coming. Earthquakes are only the bigging of what is to come. It was a little hard to teach the next day because a lot of people just wanted to be in their house and listen to the news but we are trying our best to use these signs to help people repent and come closer to christ. 
This week we found a new cool family. The wife is an inactive member and the husband is not a member. We are working to reactivate the wife and baptize the husband. The husband is really interested in our message and he wants to change and the wife is a little difficult right now. Her first marriage was in the church and she got divorced so she is scared to take the same step over again. She also has 3 kids that arent members so if we activate the mom and help the dad get baptized the whole family will follow and they will all be blessed. The husband, named Justo, has accepted a baptismal date for the 8th of July. So we are working with them. 
We are working with another guy named Roger. Roger is awesome. He has been going to church and he loves our message. He doesnt know how to read but he has his son read to him the things we leave for him. He hasnt accpeted a baptismal date because he is waiting for his wife to get back from a farm she is at. She will be coming back this week so we are excited to meet her. He is a very positive invesitgador and this week our plan is just to help him feel really comfortable through the members and we are helping him receive an answer from the lord that this is the true church and that he needs to follow the path of the lord. 
This week we had stake conference. We had 2 members of the 70 show up. One from Guatamala and one from El Salvador. President Collado was there too. There were some great talks and the favorite thing that I heard was from President Collado. He said "The excuse is the anestisia so that the sin doesnt hurt." That is so true. Sometimes we put excuses in our lives so that our mistakes dont hurt. Its better to just learn from the mistake, take the pain and move on because when we put excuses we are just fooling ourselves into believing something that is not true. Good stuff. 
Well, that what I got for you guys. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Sherle

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