Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Numero 95 ~ Good Bye Meeting with President Collado

Heyyy fam! 
This week was filled of some weird stuff.
On Tuesday, we had our goodbye meeting with President Collado and his family. We sang Sister Collado's favorite hymn and they were crying pretty hard. There was also a video that a zone made for them of memories of their time in the mission and we all sent pictures with President Collado and
Sister Collado in them. It was pretty sad actually. I really am going to miss that family. They are a great example to me and a great example of how to be happy through trials and difficulties. Just being around them I can see the light they have with them. They have really helped me a lot become who I am today and have helped me gain a testimony of the gospel.
This week we had changes. My companion, Elder Esquivel, had changes. He got sent to Managua to be a district leader. I was happy for him. I am pretty sad to say bye to him. He was a really funny companion. Always making jokes and getting me to laugh was what I will always remember about him. 
My new companion is named Elder Aviles. He is from El Salvador. This change is pretty crazy because Elder Aviles and I go home together......and this is both our last change together. So that means that we will both finish together and we will both leave this area together. I have never seen this happen before in my mission so I was a little confused with this change. I told Elder Aviles that I want to give it all we got so that we finish with no regrets. We will see what happens! I am excited, I got faith that we are going to see some miracles these last 6 weeks.
There have been a lot of changes in this last week. It feels weird that so many missionaries that are good friends of mine are leaving and now President Collado is leaving too. Its really weird to see. 
Gotta finish strong though! No regrets!
I love you all!

Elder Sherle

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