Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Numero 97 ~ trio

Hey fam! 
Well this week was a little crazy! Heres what happened.
So on monday night we got a call that we were going to have emergency changes with my companion. My companion was going to leave and I was going to get a new companion.
My comp didnt do anything wrong it was because another missionary went home. So in the morning, my comp really didnt want to leave so he called president and asked president if there was any way to stay and so president told us to wait and call him back in 20 minutes. At the end, my companion got to stay with me but president sent us another missionary. So now we are in a trio. It has been a lot of fun so far having 2 companions instead of 1. We have had to adjust a couple things in the teaching but we are having a great time. 
Our new companion is named Elder Vasquez. He is from Guatamala. He has 16 months in his mission. We call him our little boy because Elder Aviles and I are dying and he is like our little son hahaha we joke around with him alot. 
This week we found some cool new people. We put a couple baptismal dates and all that good stuff. 
This week Roger and another investigador named Pilar went to church. We didnt even need to pass by for them it was awesome! Roger's wife comes back from Managua this week so we are really excited to be able to teach them together. We are praying that the wife will be open to listening to our message and be able to study it and look for an answer. Roger wants her to support him and he wants to be baptized but he wants to do it with his wife so we will see what happens. 
I had my last testimony meeting on Sunday. I was the first one to get up and bear my testimony. I felt really good doing it. My testimony has really grown a lot in these two years. Through study and prayer and the many miracles I have seen in my mission has really helped me grow a testimony that the Lord lives and that he is guiding this work.
This week we will be able to meet the new President. Ill let you know how that goes!
I love you all!
Elder Sherle

here are some photos john sent that I believe were taken a while ago. 

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