Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Numero 98 ~ Presidente Poncio

Hey fam!
Well this week was pretty good!!!
This week we had the chance to get to know the new president! Presidente Poncio. He is awesome!! He is a really cool guy! I can tell that he is going to help out the mission a ton! He is a lot different than President Collado. He is a lot more open and free. A lot of missionaries were really suprised from the difference. President Collado is very serious and President Poncio is very emotional and energetic, its funny how big of a change it is! I am excited to get to know him more. He and his wife are converts to the church and both are returned missionaries. They have really strong testimonies of the gospel and are really excited to be here. 
This week we were really happy because we were able to work with a ton of members! Now that we are 3 we can really easily get divisions going in the area. All we need is one member and we can cover a ton of meetings we have. We put that in practice this week and it helped us a ton to be able to cover everything we needed to do. 
This week we found out that Roger's wife, Carmen, got home from Managua. We had some really spiritual lessons with them and the wife is really curious in our message but she doesnt want to commit to anything. She listens and learns but is really hesitant to open her heart to our message but we are trusting that the spirit will soften her heart to let the message testify to her that it is true. 
We taught Wilfredo too with one of his friends that is a member but he didnt go to church. We dont know why he didnt go so tonight we are going to go to see what happened.
This week the big miracle we saw is that Roger brought his whole family to church. His wife, Carmen, and his son. We were so happy to see them there. It seemed like they really enjoyed it. Roger told me before he left that he and his family will be at church every sunday now. We were really happy to hear that how much he likes the church. Roger cant read or write and there is a professor in our ward and he told Roger this week that he is going to help him learn to read. It was cool to see the members supporting our investigadors and trying to help them in any way they can.
This week is a big week for our investigadors. We are setting up a baptism for the end of the month so we hope that we can get them all ready for that day.
I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Sherle

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