Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Numero 99 ~ pupusas with the bishop

Another down, 2 to go!
This week was good. 
On tuesday i got to go do divisons with a new missionary that just got to the mission about a month ago in his area. We had a good time working together. He asked me a lot of tips and advice for the mission. It was cool seeing him try to speak to the people and not being able to express what he really wants to say. It reminded me of when i started the mission. 
On wednesday we had a normal day with my two comps. Elder Aviles is getting pretty tired and his back is hurting him a lot so we are trying to do a lot of divisions with the members to lighten up the load and to make is so we dont walk as much. 
On Thursday the zl, elder pilling, went on divisions with me. He goes home with us. He is from New Zealand. Him and I were born in the same zone in the mission and now we are dying in the same zone. We talked about a lot of experiences we have had in the mission and our plans for after the mission. Its going to be a little hard to see him after the mission because he lives about 18 hours from the states haha. 
John with Elder Walker and Elder Clark
Friday was a good day. We passed by all our investigadors and we did divisions. It was a little crazy because I had to go do some interviews for the sisters and Elder Vasquez was with a member and then the member had to finish divisions but we were still doing interviews and then we had some important appointments with some investigadors so we couldnt go get him from the members house until the end of the night. I felt bad because we had to leave him there for like 4 hours haha. We said sorry and he was all good after. It was funny. 
On sunday church was good. There wasnt that many people there this weekend which was a little weird. Roger and his wife Carmen went to church. They are learning a lot and we are hoping for the miracle of their baptism before we leave. We passed by Wilfredo in the morning on sunday and he told us he was going to go but he never showed up so we are going to go tonight to see what happened to him. 

On sunday night our bishop invited us to dinner for the last time. He made us pupusas. They are a famous food from El Salvador. They were really good. I forgot to take pics though. 
All of the members keep reminding me that I am going to leave soon. I try to keep it out of my thoughts as much as I can but it doesnt help that they keep reminding me haha. I am going to miss these members. There are some really cool people here. 
Thats how our week went! Hope you guys have a great one!
Elder Sherle

John with Elder Lainez (his son)

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